eNASCAR College iRacing Series powered by NACE Starleague

The eNASCAR College iRacing Series powered by NACE Starleague officially brings the excitement of virtual NASCAR racing to the college esports ranks. The fastest collegiate iRacers representing colleges/universities in the United States and Canada will attempt to qualify for each event through iRacing’s Time Attack sessions before going wheel to wheel on the most iconic tracks in the world of racing. With thousands of dollars in scholarship on the line, drivers will battle for the checkered flag!


$60,000 Prize Pool Fall 2022 – Spring 2023

How to Sign-up:

To sign-up for the Competition all Drivers must complete the registration form here. Any Driver that does not complete the registration form but still participates in an in-game Time Attack event will not be considered eligible to qualify for that Exhibition Race. For more information about registering for the Competition as a Driver click here. During registration, all Drivers must provide a valid Game Account. Only Drivers who submit times using Game Accounts that match those submitted through the registration form will be eligible to qualify for the Exhibition Races. 

  • Posting a time: To earn a spot in any one of the Exhibition Races, a Driver must participate in the corresponding in-game Time Attack event and they must post one of the 40 fastest lap times. Each in-game Time Attack event will last for 14 days, beginning at 12:00 AM GMT on the first day of the event and ending at 11:59 PM GMT on the last day. Drivers may participate an unlimited number of times during each in-game Time Attack event, with only their fastest lap counting towards qualification. To participate in an in-game Time Attack event: 
    •  Open iRacing
    •  On the left bar click “Go Racing”
    •  Click “Time Attack Competitions”
    •  Search for “eNASCAR College iRacing Series”
    •  Click “Drive Now”

Qualifying for an Exhibition Race

This season there will be two individual Races each Round – one for Premier-Class or the top 40, featuring series points and prizing, and B-Class, for 41st-80th. At the end of each in-game Time Attack event, the Drivers with the 40 fastest times will qualify for the corresponding Exhibition Race (the “Finalists”). To clarify, posting a top 40 time during the first in-game Time Attack event will earn you a spot in the field of the first Exhibition Race. Further, there will be a limit on the total number of Drivers per School (see “Maximum number of Finalists per School” below for more details). In the event that a qualified Driver is unable to participate, or is disqualified or found to be ineligible by League Officials a replacement will be determined, at the discretion of League Officials, by selecting the Driver with the next fastest time during the corresponding in-game Time attack event. 

  • Maximum number of Finalists per School: Each School may only be represented by one Driver in a single Exhibition Race. If Drivers representing fewer than 32 Schools qualify as Finalists for an Exhibition Race, additional Drivers from each School may be invited to participate at the discretion of League Officials based on the results of the in-game Time Attack event.


Click Here to View Eligibility & Rules