These Esports Workshops are geared to give learners an understanding of esports career pathways and other esports curriculum to improve their esports knowledge, skills, and experiences. They are built to be scheduled within existing academic curriculum and courses; around or within esports events and tournaments; or within esports clubs, esports organizations, or esports team meetings. Learners can also receive certification for their attendance or take an additional assessment to earn digital badges reflecting their understanding of the curriculum within the workshops.


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About Access Alliance for Education

Access Alliance for Education (AA4E) is a leading developer, publisher, and supplier of esports curriculum, esports career pathways and other workshops, esports program development/consulting and STE(A)M education solutions.

Access Alliance for Education currently offers ten esports career pathways/coursework workshops with several more in development. Additionally, AA4E currently offers two full college level esports courses with several others in development. AA4E is also developing a complete, standards aligned four-year high school/upper middle school Career and Technical Education (CTE) curriculum for release later in 2022.

Access Alliance for Education serves the higher education, high school, upper middle school, continuing and professional education, and youth esports markets.

Access Alliance for Education is the exclusive and named esports curriculum provider to Playfly Esports, operator of North America’s largest college esports league, NACE Starleague.