NACE Starleague Fall 2022 Registration

With autumn right around the corner, there is no better time to register for NACE Starleague!

NACE Starleague Fall 2022

With autumn right around the corner, there is no better time to register for NACE Starleague!

As a new school year approaches, so too does the opportunity for student athletes across North America to begin actively preparing for NACE Starleague. Teams looking to represent their school and test their skills through the highest level of collegiate esports competition in the world needn’t look any further than NACE Starleague up-and-coming Fall 2022 competitive season.


NACE Starleague is the nation’s most prolific and accessible collegiate esports league, who just this last Spring oversaw nearly 700 schools and over 13,000 active student athletes. NACE Starleague allows students to participate and battle against opponents across multiple popular video game titles and skill levels.

With brackets for hit games like VALORANT, Fortnite, and Call of Duty: Vanguard, students will find no shortage of competition in some of esports’ most recognizable franchises. Along with a plethora of opportunities to compete and earn scholarship money to help further their collegiate careers. 


Marketing NACE Starleague

For NACE Starleague, the initial marketing piece is twofold. First, NACE Starleague has built a database of universities and colleges who have played in their leagues in the past. Along with that, they have social media channels to promote. Second, NACE Starleague has a direct line to active directors and coaches who can get information right to their programs. NACE Starleague utilizes the most robust network of collegiate coaches and directors in esports to create the largest esports competition in North America.

NACE Starleague uses social media as an additional broadcasting and marketing tool. It is used to tag schools, get them to retweet, and put it in front of their audiences. In addition, once matches are live and broadcasted, there’s an opportunity to keep recurring engagement via posting clips and score updates. In short, we love to celebrate the accomplishments of our schools and students!



NACE Starleague operates through two tiers: Varsity and Open, with two levels of divisions in the premier and “+” or “plus” sub-brackets.

The Open tier is available for any and all schools to join, even those from schools that aren’t affiliated as NACE members. The Open Premier division features only one team per school and is the top level of competition for non-NACE members. Here, the top seeded and top performing teams from across all regions play amongst each other for qualifications to the end of season playoffs.  

The Open Plus “+” division consists of different pools of play based on a team’s particular skill level, with each pool consisting of sixteen teams, starting from the highest ranked teams. This tier can include multiple teams from one school and is a great way to gain competitive experience and for lower seeded teams to practice and hone their skills as they make their way to the top.  

Both the Varsity Premier and Varsity Plus tiers are only available to NACE partnered schools, but functionally operate in the same way as the Open division. Only one team is allowed to represent a school in Varsity Premier, and additional teams from associated NACE partners will be seeded in Varsity Plus. 

While the Varsity Premier deadline has already passed, students who are still interested in participating in any of their other available divisions are encouraged to apply as soon as possible!  

It is crucial to note that every level of competition will feature the same level of prizing throughout the season, and information on the prizing model for both tiers will be released within the coming weeks.